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We are FADE.

Created by women who play, for women who play. 

Golf apparel for women is for most brands, an afterthought. If you are lucky enough to find your size in your local pro shop you definitely won’t have a choice of colours that aren’t pink or purple and for us, that just isn't good enough. 

Playing in cotton polo’s and chinos just to avoid the diamanté and flowers, sacrificing on the stretch needed for the swing as well as getting hot and sweaty through the summer months. Against the guys on the course, women are often deprived of good tech-wear specifically made for golf. 

FADE is made specifically for female curves, female swings and female golf. 

FADE has been founded by Harrie and is supported by women golfers around the UK. Thank you for visiting and supporting the brand, every order that gets sent through makes an actual real person do a little dance. 

We are always looking for real women to showcase in our clothing so if you’re interested in being an ambassador and spreading the FADE name then please get in touch.