Updated: Apr 27, 2021

Full disclosure at this point, I am not a good pregnant person.

In fact, I dislike being pregnant, a lot. I don't glow, I balloon. To the point where my body puts on so much weight, they check me for gestational diabetes even though I naturally don't fit any of the criteria.

I am also pretty selfish with my time and my aesthetic means a lot to me, probably too much if i'm perfectly honest. So the two combined is in no way ideal.

I've played 3 rounds with a visible pregnant belly now and the biggest issue has been - my knees (random i know)

The additional weight I am carrying over 18 holes has made it a challenge for my knees! to give you an idea, when I was last weighed by my PT in August I was 57.5kg, I now weigh 68kg so that's some good going on the weight gain front and in a short space of time and it's definitely taking a toll on my joints.

I also only have a push trolley, not a battery operated one, so when we played Rushmore Golf course (awesome by the way!) I struggled on the hills - extra blood in the body means additional blood pressure issues and dizziness for me. I did it, but don't think I would want to be doing it in a couple of months as my monster baby grows even bigger!

My swing has actually improved! Hilariously having a bump out front and my ridiculously super-speed growing boobs are making me turn through the ball better to get my belly and chest away from my arms meaning my driving is better and i'm getting less shots shoot off right with an open club face and I reckon the extra weight is actually grounding me better too! I think as I get further through my pregnancy though the hip turn will become more and more of a challenge (i'm currently 19 weeks) but let's watch this space and see how much longer I can play for.

I reckon I will need to make a few changes as I get into my third trimester...

  • I'll need a golf buggy I think otherwise i'll be waddling around and will hold up play and give my knees a bit of a break between holes.

  • I'll need to go easy on the hip turn and maybe adapt my feet position to have my right foot back a little to encourage the turn without any pain in my hips

  • I'm going to need to go up yet another size in my FADE tops to have the full sizing options at my disposal - the good news is they're performing well even with an ever changing body - the logo is subliminally printed so there's no cracking or damage from stretching around my bump and they're long enough to continue to cover my bump so i'm super chuffed with their performance.

  • Yet another new sports bra - ain't nothing like boobs full of milk for their weight and awkwardness when swinging and nobody needs to see that right now, got to hold these puppies down with some serious material but it's costing me, at £40 a pop for a decent sports bra, i've had to buy 3 already and i'm only in month 5!

  • Mid-way toilet stops, I think any course without toilet facilities in the middle somewhere are out of bounds for me! Because pregnant people pee a lot!

watch this space! I'm aiming to get to my 8th month without having to stop golf, whether I make it that far or not is yet to be seen!

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