Updated: Feb 2, 2021

I'm 32. I only have one family member that plays golf; we've never discussed it and randomly in July 2019 I decided it would be a good idea to start golf lessons.

I couldn't tell you why really now when I look back, but I can tell you why now.

  1. Mindfulness - I have a busy brain, I run two businesses, i'm a single mum, I have a house, a car, friends, family and normal life stuff going on like we all do and I don't switch off well at all. It causes me anxiety on a daily basis. Golf makes me focus, on my now, where I am - because otherwise you actually miss the ball and feel like a tit. Enough said.

  2. Making time - You have to make time to learn golf. You have to spend time on the course. Whether it's 9 holes or 18 holes - it enforces YOU time away from work and away from everyday distractions and in today's world that's gold-dust for me.

  3. Meeting people - All walks of life and all ages, golf knows no boundaries and that is one of my most favourite things about it. I met my other half on the driving range - eat your heart out.

  4. Movement - After having my little boy I had bad ab separation and hip damage - I have been strengthening both areas ever since with PT sessions with the wonderful Halena Wilson from Wilson PT, running and golf and golf is by far the best at increasing mobility and working on my core strength and hip rotation. It is a fabulous form of exercise for post-natal women. There's something you didn't know about it!

  5. Manage myself - Probably a very personal one this one, but I tend to go at everything like a bull in a china shop (that won't come to any of my friends or family as a surprise!) but golf dictates that I learn how to finesse, practice subtlety and slow down the learning process of something new & that's good for me, uncomfortable at times, but then nothing magic ever came from being in your comfort zone - or so my ex husband always used to say - he was a bit of a d*** - but some of his musings were accurate - that being one of them.

So there you have it. why golf? - those reasons - amongst hundreds of others for millions of people. It is not a sport you learn quickly, it is a sport where you cannot judge somebody's ability to do it until you play them, it is a sport that requires finesse as well as strength and a sport where your mental fitness is as important, if not more important that your physical.

and I bloody love it.

Harrie - founder FADE golf apparel.

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