Updated: Jan 15, 2021


There really isn't.

But as a girl who doesn't like wearing pink for a lot of reasons...

1) I don't like that i'm made to believe that feel or look feminine I need to wear it

2) I don't really like what it does to my complexion, because lets face it i'm pale enough as it is!

3) I hate that within sport, it allows you to visibly be categorised before you even set foot anywhere - course, track, pitch - you are visibly judged because of that 1 colour.

And I dislike most of all, that it seemed to be the only option for me when it came to golf gear. Even if a waterproof was black, it still had a pink trim, or a purple one if the designers were feeling really rebellious! So I ended up playing in basic cotton polos and chinos and I could feel the fabric really starting to restrict my movement, and in the summer I got too hot and in the winter, too many layers gave no movement at all and all because I just didn't want to wear pink or purple or have shiny plastic diamonds or some hideous floral pattern all over me!

So i've created FADE; because the more people I spoke to and the more shops I went into, the more I realised this is needed! For women like me, but also for golf as a whole, because it needs to modernise and adapt when it comes to us girls!

The first PURE Collection comes in black and white with a highlight of red and the second collection will be navy, white with a highlight of mustard yellow. Each collection will be bold but basic colours to make them useable, wearable & properly designed to fit female figures. No pink in sight. Learn more about our ladies golf polo shirts here.

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